Whether you need to learn more about the relationship between climate change and health, or between certain chemicals and major chronic illnesses; or you want to understand why children are so vulnerable to chemicals and what this means for your organization or public policy; or you’re trying to identify the most important environmental issues for public policy action; or, indeed, if you would like to know what treatment facilities exist globally for environmental health, and what jurisdictions have integrated which aspects of environmental medicine into their health care systems — whatever your research needs, we can help you find out.


Health-harming chemicals, the by-products of our production technologies, permeate our entire environment and have had negative health effects of many kinds on very large numbers of people. Likewise, changes in climate are increasingly having health impacts. Consequently, public policy addressing improvements in our ‘chemical footprint’ and our chemical health, as well as work dealing with our ‘carbon footprint’ and climate related health must deal increasingly with both — on the exposure and amelioration sides. Government departments and health agencies, non-profits such as patients’ and environmental organizations, public and private, educational institutions dealing with children and youth — all are involved in this broad, multi-faceted, multi-stakeholder enterprise. We can help you with your policy development needs, whatever your mission.


We are now into the 10thth cohort of humans born into the chemical age and showing a body burden of many different types of chemicals, and we are increasingly aware of the major impact on health of the chemical soup in which we live. Today, governments and front-line health providers are struggling to catch up in developing the diagnostic, treatment and support services, and the prevention programs — in a word, the capacity — to help the millions of people adversely affected, and prevent greater harm. Non-profits are looking for ways to develop specific, constructive proposals to assist the public and para-public sectors. Increasingly, the challenge is also spreading to issues posed by climate change. We can help you strategize for the services and programs you need, or need to advocate for, as this important new trend develops.


Advocacy – You have a good cause and we want to help you win it. In our advocacy support work, we can assist with any or all steps along the way: identify the critical audience for your message, develop a strategic approach to composing and delivering that message, set milestones and timelines, and craft all the materials — from letters to briefing papers to public messaging, whatever it takes –  to develop coordinated communications to win support for specific initiatives.

Science, Environment and Health Writing – We love to popularize complex ideas and new knowledge, and we have a great and varied track record in doing it in many different fields. Let us know your mission, and we’ll help you achieve it.

Public awareness – We also love to work on broader campaigns for public education for new ideas and new undertakings. Campaigns involve a number of skills, some of which you might like to bring on-board for this specific purpose. We can offer assistance with strategic identification of objectives, audience and message, popularization of science and medicine, creativity in popular communication, a strategy for social media and assistance with media relations. New responses by governments and the public sector, new regulations to address environmental harms, new health strategies adopted by communities and public interest groups —all these  can only happen with the support of an informed public. Building on decades of experience, we can assist you to develop integrated and strategic communications of all types for ‘health and environment’ campaigns.